FB3 Quickshow Controller

Pangolin Quickshow Software and FB3 controller for laser shows.

Pangolin Quickshow is the most used software for laser shows, thanks to its ease of use and performances. The FB3 controller included with the software enables to control a laser projector using the ILDA standard protocol and is connected to the computer with USB.

FB3 Controller + Pangolin Quickshow 5.2

Photo FB3QS

Quickshow is a powerful software easy to use for controlling laser projectors. It requires to connect a Pangolin laser controller (FB3 or FB4) to link the PC to the laser projector.
The FB3 included is a USB-ILDA interface to connect the laser and is enough to use Quickshow software with all the functionnalities available.

» Quickshow 5.2 download.
(Requires a FB3 or FB4 controller to enable output).

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