Laser beam analyzer

The LBA-C-100 is a beam analyzer for high power lasers, in particular for laser show projectors.

Laser Beam Analyzer - LBA-C-100

Analyseur laser

The LBA-C-100 enables to measure high power laser beams with a very high accuracy. This enables in particular to measure the divergence without taking the distance between the laser source and the device into account, with an accuracy achieving 10µrad (0.01mrad).This also gives access to measures between all RGB beams, or between diodes in the same "stack".

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A tool to measure and align laser beams

The LBA-C-100 analyzes the laser beam to enable to measure the main specifications that qualify the quality of the beam.
The angular measurement method used by the LBA-C-100 gives the advantage to not depend on the input beam diameter or on the distance bewteen the measuring device and the laser source. The resolution on the measure is 0.01mrad.
The LBA-C-100 is well suited for the measurement of the following specifications:

  • » Divergence of the laser beam for each colour and for all colours simultaneously.
  • » Lens collimating of laser sources : minimal divergence
  • » Alignment of RGB laser beams

Technical specifications

Optical specifications
Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Optical power (*)(**) Popt 0.1 - 100 W
Resolution on divergence RΦ - 0.01 - mrad
Divergence measured (FWHM) Φ 0.1 - 10 mrad
Input beam diameter D - - 22 mm
Wavelength detected λ 400 - 1000 nm

Mechanical specifications
Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Length x Width x Height (without the support / handle) L x W x H 100 x 75 x 57 mm
Weight msys 500 g

Electrical specifications
Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Typical consumption (USB 3.0) PUSB 2 W

(*) The sensor of the LBA-C must remain below 75°C while operating. It may be need to dissipate heat from the case with a fan when using the device with high power beams for a long period.
(**) A correct alignment should be done before setting the laser projector to maximum power. The user must follow the alignment procedure described in the User Manual to prevent damage to the system.

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A simple software interface fast and easy to use

  • » Available on Windows 10 and 11
  • » Updated regularly, following users requirements
  • » Connection in USB 3.0
  • » Multi-language (French, English)
LBA-C interface
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