Laser Pong Revolution

Laser Pong Revolution is a software that enables to play Pong game on lasers with Pangolin BEYOND software.

All is controlled in the Laser Pong Revolution software. No particular workspace or plugin is required in BEYOND.

Laser Pong game for Pangolin BEYOND

Photo Pong
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An easy software compatible with Pangolin BEYOND

Photo Pong configured

The Laser Pong Revoluton software requires BEYOND software (build 16xx or above) to work. No workspace, Pangoscript or show is needed in BEYOND, the game is entirely calculated by the Laser Pong Software and is projected in an existing projection zone of BEYOND.

  • » Easy software working with Pangolin BEYOND.
  • » No workspace or other specific configuration required.
  • » MIDI controllers, XBOX controllers or the keyboard can be used for controlling.

A valid license of BEYOND is required to use Laser Pong Revolution.
The license of Laser Pong Revolution is attached to a FB3 or FB4 serial number that you choose when ordering.
The license is sent by email in the next 72 hours after ordering.

· 80,00€ ·

Buy Pong now! »

Price excluding taxes and shipping.

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