Laser trainings, safety and software

Lightdiction offers various trainings related to laser shows and entertainment: laser safety, Beyond software, Laser Harp controller trainings

All our trainings are customizable and adapted to your needs.

Laser and Safety training

The use of lasers is regulated and is forbidden to people not properly trained and aware to the risks and precautions related to lasers. Lasers applications in France are restricted to only a few domains, but it required in any case to be properly trained to the risks involved, and precautions to take in consequence for lasers.
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Safety trainings for Laser Shows

With this training, you will learn the fundamental notions about laser. The goal is to train technicians for using, manipulating and programming of laser projectors for entertainment and for laser shows, as required by current legislation in particular for lasers of class 3 and 4, used in the entertainment industry.

All the following points will be covered:
  • Presentation of the laser technology and its application to the entertainment industry.
  • Presentation of the laser classes and of the hazards associated.
  • Protective equipment, precautions and prevention of hazards.
  • Presentation of the laser regulation, in France and internationally.
  • Calculations: laser exposure, eye safety.
  • Calculations and regulations used for laser shows in particular.
  • Presentation of the material used and understanding of the technical risks.
  • Presentation of practical cases.
A special attention will be given to the explanation of regulations, and to the importance of having a correct setup and laser projectors compliant and functional. In particular, the applications and regulations specific to the entertainment industry, and the precautions to take for the setups will be detailed. To complete, the important notions and caracteristics of the laser projectors for the entertainement industry will be explained.

In order to validate the knowledge obtained, there will be a test at the end, and time will be allocated for questions.

After this training, you will be able to create laser shows safely, and you will have all the required knowledge to legally practice lasers for the entertainment industry in France.
A certificate will be delivered at the end of the training, in order to legally justify your aptitude to manipulate class 3 and 4 lasers (used in the entertainment industry).

Length of training: 1 day
Individual training at the client's place, or Lightdiction's HQ.
Group prices: price on quote
· 490€ ·
Price Excl. taxes, excluding travel expenses.

Pangolin BEYOND software training

Beyond is a laser show software for professionals, that quickly became a reference in the industry. The software brings the potential of creation and creativity to the next level, in particular with MIDI, DMX, Artnet, Timecode, OSC, but also with Pangoscripts. There is an infinity of possibilities.
It is decliend in 3 versions, depending on your needs (Essentials / Advanced / Ultimate).
» Versions comparison

Pangolin BEYOND Trainings - Professional Laser Shows creation

This training aims to present the potential and tools of BEYOND, essential to create your professional laser shows in good conditions. Functionnalities will be presented, including mapping and graphics for instance, as well as the timeline and synchronized laser programming, live control, Pangolib Universe, cues and effects creation, DMX and MIDI external controls, and so on...
Some functionnalities in particular can be explained more deeply, depending on the client needs and demands, as well as BEYOND version he owns.
Trainings' length is 1 day, in order to cover all the tools and functionnalities needed, and to answer custom needs of the client.

Length of training: 1 day.
Individual training at the client's place, or Lightdiction's HQ.
Group prices: price on quote
· 490€ ·
Price Excl. taxes, excluding travel expenses.

KB2D Laser Harp Training

The laser Harp is a fascinating and rare musical instrument. Popularized in the 80's by Jean-Michel Jarre, it remains impressive today. Lightdiction brought the concept further by creating the next generation of Laser Harps, more evolved, with a unique and patented detection system. This system is not sensitive to ambiant and parasitic lights, extremely fast, negligible latency, and very accurate. Therefore, this Laser Harp is the one with the highest performances and the most versatile on the market, while being easy to set up in only a few minutes.
» More information on the KB2D Laser Harp
Harpe Laser

KB2D Laser Harp Training

As the KB2D Laser Harp controller is extremely versatile, it can be used in a lot of configurations. Also, many settings are available on the interface to optimize the detection and avoir parasitic lights.
The Laser Harp training proposed here enables to show all the functionnalities and tools available on the KB2D Laser Harp controller. Also, this trainings aims to show all the different settings available to optimize the efficiency and the performances.
In particular, this training is highly recommended for professionals aiming to use it on stage, to guaranty everything happens as you expected for your show.
Among other things, you will learn these topics:
  • Overview of the system and pros of this exclusive technology
  • Quick setup of the KB2D Laser Harp Controller
  • Optimization of detection parameters, and suppression of parasitic detections: threshold, detection speed, FPS, selectivity
  • Optimization of parameters for polyphonic mode
  • Wavelength and dichroic choice
  • Advanced settings of detection angles and notes (beam) position
  • Creation and management of presets
  • Use of external controllers and command mapping
  • Height detection
  • Continuous detection mode, Control Change and tracking
  • Standalone use, without control interface
  • Use of original patterns (any pattern you want)
If you do not own any KB2D Laser Harp controller yet, a controller as well as a laser will be brought by Lightdiction as a demonstration, in order to properly make the training.

Length of the Training: 1 day
Individual training at the client's place, or Lightdiction's HQ.
Group prices: price on quote
· 490€ ·
Price Excl. taxes, excluding travel expenses.

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